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Team Members

Leadership isn’t reflected in your title –– it’s a mentality that’s rooted into who we are and how we serve our residents. Each member of our team has a background and a vision that includes and spans beyond multi-family property management, real estate development and construction. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and their experiences have proven instrumental in providing the setting for living life’s best moments.

Team Members
  • Kirk Mills


  • Jill Datema

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Larcia Hyrne

    Director of Human Resources

  • Rosanne Lederman

    Vice President of Operations

  • Tammy Craley

    Director of Operations

  • Wendy Mayer


  • Amanda Hansen

    Property Accountant Manager

  • Paul Parson

    Director of CapEx

  • Jesse Tierney

    Director of Transitions

  • Amy McDermott

    Regional Manager

  • Andrea Stephans

    Regional Manager

  • Kenny Willenburg

    Regional Manager

  • Melanie Matthews

    Regional Manager

  • Nana Bentsi-Enchill

    Regional Manager

  • Joel Burton

    Director of Marketing

  • Nikki Abernathy

    Marketing Accounts Manager